The following are thoughts by Salim J. Munayer of Musalaha ( regarding the recently proposed peace plan for Israel-Palestine.

You’ve most likely heard in the news that Donald Trump unveiled a Middle East peace plan this week. Though there is much to remark on, we want to share one short reflection on it in-line with Musalaha’s work in reconciliation. The proposed plan does not meet the essence of the basic needs we’ve discovered people have, both for Israelis and Palestinians, in order to be able to resolve the conflict.

In our work of reconciliation, we have done many negotiation exercises between Israelis and Palestinians and it was very clear that the majority of Israelis have expressed the need for security while Palestinians seek justice. These two needs are not contradictory to each other, but rather, they are complementary to each other. The fundamental problem with this peace plan proposal is that it doesn’t meet the basic needs of the two people groups here, neither security for Israelis nor justice for Palestinians has been addressed. These issues can only be sustainably resolved when the parties in conflict sit together, develop relationships and trust in each other to address the issues, not by those in a position of outside power.

Salim J. Munayer
Musalaha Executive Director


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