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Culture Crux U™

Culture Crux U. (the non-profit division of Culture Crux) focuses on equipping university ministry staff and students in groups like Chi Alpha, Intervarsity, and Cru with the skills they need to communicate their message in culturally appropriate ways on the university campus and to connect with and care for people from different cultures.

It is crucial in today’s diverse world to train young leaders to be culturally competent bridge builders and peacemakers who can be sources of hope, healing, and reconciliation in their contexts.

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Many thanks to our financial supporters whose generosity has made this important training possible.

We are grateful to you!

This training has been vital to my understanding of and engagement in cross-cultural relationships. Your teaching and insight are eye opening for my own understanding of the world and immensely helpful in knowing what to do to improve both personally and in ministry. Thank you!

—Jeremy Stoa

Thanks for giving us your helpful expertise to go further in cross-cultural competence. As my focus is on international students. I appreciated the mirror that revealed areas of needed growth in cross-cultural relationships and practical steps on how to become more able to love across differences.

—Karen Hillyer

As a campus pastor, I deal with people who are coming of age. Many of them are ignorant of how to deal with people of other cultures. This training was incredibly helpful not only in learning how to process through cultural competence with them, I also learned an immense amount about my own journey as I learn how to value other cultures.

—Jake Dahlberg

Participating in the intercultural awareness test and training has been eye-opening. It’s so helpful to be able to begin to understand where I’m at and receive tools to move forward. Thank you for supporting this project, it is well worth it!

—Sarah Mittelstaedt